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HempAde provides 200mgs of Omega 3’s per bottle. Lightly sweetened with all natural, non-GMO ingredients, HempAde is here to optimize your day.

Recent articles indicate that heart healthy Omega’s can help with brain function, anxiety, and overall body circulation. Please enjoy this “hemp infused” elixer that embodies the next new beverage frontier. Enjoy our delicious, thirst quenching products available in five flavors: Coconut, Mango, Passion Fruit, Strawberry and Watermelon.



Tony started his career at Bonner Packing Company (which became Dole Dried Fruit & Nut) and was quickly promoted to Western Zone Manager within his first year.

At the age of 27, Tony was hired as National Sales Manager for Nestle Beverage, increasing sales by 28% in his first year.  After promotions to General Manager of Gourmet Coffees and National Accounts Manager for all of their Foodservice, Tony took a new career path by joining a small pasta company called Monterey Pasta Company.

Monterey Pasta had sales of only $1.5mm when he joined the company as Vice President of Sales.  Four years later and a promotion to Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Monterey Pasta was doing over $90M in sales and had become the second largest fresh pasta company in the country.

While continuing to consult for Monterey Pasta and Aidell’s Sausage simultaneous, Tony once again drove each company to new heights.  Subsequently, Tony has made a living turning small CPG companies into big CPG companies.

Most recently, Tony has helped companies like Ciao Bella Gelato, BioLighter, and Double Rainbow to become National organizations.

Over the last eighteen months, Tony also helped Sweet Earth Natural Foods go from 50 stores in Northern California to distribution in over 3,000 stores, in over 40 states, along with turning KingMade Jerky and Hemp20 into a National brand.

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In the year 2000 I came to the United States and started working at a convenience store. I was a Manager and doubled their sales from $26,000 to $50,000 within one year. Five years later I started my own business, Al-Eryani Wholesale, a general merchandise distribution company. We distributed to the Central Valley and Northern California. By the end of 2006, revenue increased to $2 million in annual sales.

By 2007, I accepted the Vice President position with MBI Inc., where I was also a co-owner. MBI Inc., is a tobacco and cigarette distribution company. Annual sales at the end of that year were $4.7 million and revenue increased to $21 million in 2008.  There was a steady increase in sales from 2009, 2010 and 2011, from $27 million, $34 million and $47 million respectively.

Although Al-Eryani Wholesale was on hiatus, it revamped and restarted in 2014. Annual sales began at $3.6 million and increased to $21 million in 2014 and $43 million in 2016. It is an exciting time to be part of the HempAde experience.

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